Grids, made smart

The energy business is facing a paradigm shift.

Hive Power is accompanying energy utilities through the digitalisation and decentralisation processes, using state of the art machine learning and blockchain technologies.


      Consumers and communities will be empowered to actively participate in the electricity market and generate their own electricity, consume it or sell it back to the market while taking into account the costs and benefits for the system as a whole.
European Commission

What is Hive Power?

Hive Power provides consultancy services to optimise your existing electrical distribution grid, both from the technical and economic points of view. Thanks to its proprietary tools, Hive Power analyses future scenarios of penetration of renewables, batteries and EVs in distribution grids.

Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation, management and optimisation of local energy communities. The blockchain technology guarantees a fair and efficient governance, while smart algorithms provide techno-economic optimisation for their participants by lowering their bills and valorising their assets.


Our Products Help
Energy Companies


Hive Modeller

Reach your potential with the Hive Modeller optimisation tool, simulating the effects of residential loads, heat-pumps, EVs and solar on your technical and economic performance. Evaluate new business models for the energy exchange and dynamic tariffs, with consequent change in energy profiles and bills.


Hive Forecaster

Increase the performance of your energy business taking advantage of our superior Forecast-as-a-Service product. Make use of advanced machine learning algorithms and probabilistic techniques for time series forecasting and automatic handling of outliers and anomalies in data streams


Hive Manager

Build and manage your local energy community with the Hive Manager. You can optimise the community self-consumption and share locally your solar energy.

A dynamic pricing scheme will allow every user to give a new value to flexible loads, such as heat-pumps, electric DHW boiler and electric vehicles.

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Hive Power helps utilities towards the digitalisation and optimisation of their assets

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