Hive Manager


Hive Power provides anyone with the possibility to create and manage energy communities on the blockchain.

The Hive Manager provides a turnkey solution for local flexibility markets.

Blockchain ready

Automated Billing

Flexibility Management

Central battery

Improving grid performance

Enhancing renewables

EV integration and V2G

Revolutionary Platform Features

Open Platform

Hive Manager platform is open to third-party hardware and software manufacturers

Grid Friendly

The platform design complies with grid constraints on power quality, current limitation and peak shaving

Robust Market

The market design enhances the cooperation between users, promoting the usage of solar energy and batteries


Efficient integration of Hive Power platform in microgrids, enables safe operation and optimal asset management

Manage your assets using the Hive Manager app

Why Hive Manager?

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Enables the decentralised energy revolution

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Increases electrical grid reliability

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Guarantees benefits for consumers and producers

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Optimises your energy assets profitability

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Enhances your local energy share

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Promotes sustainable energy consumption

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