Hive Power validates its tools in an innovative “energy self-consumption community”

Hive Power, in partnership with SUPSI, AEM, Optimatik, and Landis + Gyr, launches the pilot project “Lugaggia Innovation Community” (LIC). It aims to test innovative solutions that foster the penetration of local renewable energy sources by optimizing their profitability and minimizing their impact on the grid. The project has the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Cantonal Fund for Renewable Energy (FER) and the Authority for Development of Lugano Region (ERSL) and involves eighteen households and the local kindergarten of Lugaggia, a village in the region of Lugano.

The transition to renewable energy sources is one of the key objectives of the Swiss and international Energy Strategy in response to climate change. To implement this transition, it is necessary to radically rethink the way electrical power is delivered. In particular, Paolo Rossi, director of the local DSO (AEM SA), notes that “Many of our customers do not just consume energy: they also produce it with rooftop photovoltaic systems. Most of the times, they manage to self-consume only a small part (20%) of the electricity produced by their photovoltaic system, while most of it (80%) is fed back into the electricity grid. Such reverse power flow in LV poses a challenge to the stability of the grid, which was originally designed to supply power to users and not take it away from them. It also represents a direct financial loss for the user, given that the electricity fed into the network is paid much less than that taken from the network. With the LIC project, we try to overcome these problems”.

Hive Power boosts community profitability

The innovative solution, being tested in Switzerland, leverages on the possibility, recently authorized by the Federal Energy Ordinance, to create a “self-consumption community”: a contractual grouping of consumers and producers who jointly use self-produced solar energy.

The innovative solution, being tested in Switzerland, leverages on the possibility, recently authorized by the Federal Energy Ordinance, to create a “self-consumption community”: a contractual grouping of consumers and producers who jointly use self-produced solar energy.
To reduce energy costs for consumers and increase the profitability of photovoltaic systems within the community, the self-consumption must be maximized. To this end, a 60 kWh storage battery was installed. A demand-side management scheme that coordinates the activation of deferrable loads, such as heat pumps and electric water heaters, further increases community self-consumption. The HONEY distributed control scheme developed by Hive Power will be used to control both the community storage and the deferrable loads of the community members, to boost the profitability of the community, while ensuring grid stability.

Hive Power also plans to test its blockchain-based tools for the management of shared assets (using the community storage as an example) and billing automation.

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Hive Power ICO did not reach the soft cap. Contributors will be refunded

Dear contributors and community,
we are sorry to have to communicate to you that the Hive Power ICO did not reach the soft cap, and that we will be honoring our terms and conditions by returning all the Ethers to those who contributed to the public sale on the Eidoo platform.

So, expect to be refunded on your Eidoo wallet within 7 days after the end of the ICO (June 30th).

Timing wasn’t of the most fortunate, with ETH losing more than 30% of its value in USD during the ICO. We wish to thank those who contributed to the ICO and those who supported us during that time. We still strongly believe in the potential of our idea and will keep working hard to make it happen.

Stay tuned
The Hive Power Team

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Former Director of Swiss Federal Office of Energy Mr Walter Steinmann steps in as advisor for Hive Power

The team at Hive Power is excited to announce that Walter Steinmann, the former director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, has joined as an advisor!

The SFOE is responsible for energy policy-making, which includes securing a sustainable power supply, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the coordination of research in Switzerland.

Dr. Steinmann acts as a member of the Governing Board of the International Energy Agency, and from 2007 to 2010, he was a member of the Governing Board of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Mr. Steinmann brings a great deal of leadership experience and credibility running across his many endeavors; from leading a European government agency to corporate sector research and advisory. To maximize the success of our project, we believe it’s extremely important to grow a diverse and qualified board, leveraging not only a wide range of academic and business backgrounds, but also tapping into government policy makers and overseers. We have been honored to have him join the Hive Power advisory board and excited about the important work we are going to complete together to help usher in the future of decentralized energy communities.

“I am really thrilled that Dr. Steinmann has committed to supporting the Hive Power project. His great field experience and the network will help us in the development of our business.” Gianluca Corbellini, CEO

Hive Power and the capabilities of the Hive Token (HVT) are set to bolster evolution in an industry that has been rapidly changing and in need of disruption. While we already have a superior technology and potential, it is the strength of our team and advisors that will help us to enter the market with maximum efficiency. Join us in decentralizing the future of energy here.

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Hive Power Garners Swiss Government Partnership Prior to ICO launch

The team at Hive power is proud of the impact that the Hive Token (HVT) is poised to have on revolutionizing the energy industry and pushing sustainability forward. We’re even more proud of governments that are equally committed to bringing forth this change, and that is one of the many reasons we were so thrilled to become a partner of the government created SCCER-FURIES. This is yet another step of our continued effort to participate across government, academic, and corporate research endeavors to bring our knowledge and expertise to the forefront.

That said, we have gotten a lot of questions from our worldwide community as to what this means and why it is so exciting for our cryptocurrency project, so let’s get into the nitty gritty.

The Who?

SCCER-FURRIES stands for the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research focused on Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructures. These centers are mandated to develop, promote, and deploy power grid-related innovative solutions toward the implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050, which set lofty goals aiming to promote renewable energies, improve energy efficiency and prohibit the construction of new nuclear power plants.

That’s a lot of words to say the Swiss are certainly one of the country’s leading the way in energy innovation and sustainability. In fact, SCCER-FURIES is one of 8 different SCCER divisions created to address the power grid-related challenges raised by the ES2050. It is comprised of over 250 power grid experts across 34 labs and over 50 corporate partners. SCCER-FURIES also provides its partners with seed-funds required for the development of their activities.

What Does this mean for Hive Power?:

The partnership will allow Hive Power to build on previous collaborations and fully participate in the transfer of knowledge, resources and technology between Academia and the marketplace brought by the SCCER-FURIES program. For us, we view it as an honor as well and a mark of distinction for those exploring our project.  Across research organizations and corporate partners, we will help provide and be provided with needed resources. While Hive Power aims to innovate energy use all across Europe and the world, the first market to receive HivePower will in fact be Switzerland, and an official partnership with SCCERs is certainly a remarkable first step.  

Why is this exciting for our community?  

Our team is committed to solving a problem within the current energy infrastructure in a way that brings value to individuals, neighborhoods, corporations and even governments. While many Blockchain based projects have had their basis in a great idea, our great idea is backed by intensive research and talent and an entire academic community that believe in us and looking to provide support. In other words, the SCCER-FURIES partnership does more than just prove our merit, it helps to provide a world of access to support that we will embrace to better serve the community that believes in us. While others talk the talk, we’ve been walking the walk and now with this partnership will be running!

To get involved in our energy revolution, you can find details on joining our ICO, beginning June 12th at the below link: 

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