We Are Hive Power

Founded in 2017 in Switzerland, Hive Power is a provider of innovative solutions for energy utilities and smart grids.

We are internationally recognised as a leader in our filed, having named by the German Energy Agency a Top 100 Start-up for the energy transition.

  • Energy Forecasting
  • Assets Management
  • Grid Modeling and Simulation
  • Grid Optimization
  • Smart Tariffs Design
  • Digital Energy Transition
  • Blockchain
  • Energy Communities

Who We Are

Research and Engineering

We are a team of researchers and scientists, with deep expertise in smart grids, data science and optimisation. We share a long experience in research and pilot projects on decentralised energy management.

Our Vision

Smarter Grids

We believe that in the near future our distribution grids will manage local flexibilities, electric vehicles and energy communities with novel business models, supported by smart algorithms for the optimisation of asset management.

Our Mission

4D Energy Future

We are implementing our innovative techniques and business models to reach the 4Ds energy future. The decarbonisation, digitalisation, decentralisation and democratisation of energy will lead to a smarter and more sustainable future.

We are a team of engineers and academic researchers


Gianluca Corbellini

Gianluca has a large experience in multinational corporations in the energy business, having been asset manager for photovoltaic plants and research engineer in the oil and gas industry. In academic research he applied modelling and optimization techniques in renewables and smart grid projects. In SUPSI he was also lecturer for the course “Design of Energy Systems”. Gianluca holds a M.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.

Davide Rivola

Davide is a senior researcher, leading the Energy Systems research sector at SUPSI. He gained several years of industrial experience, designing industrial automation systems and developing real-time software for embedded electronics. During the last seven years he researched, developed and trialed in pilot projects fully decentralized energy management systems. He is personally involved in Blockchain technology since 2013, with an enthusiasm that only grew during time.

Vasco Medici

Solutions Architect
Vasco holds a M.Sc. in Micro-Engineering from the EPFL and a Ph.D. in Neuroinformatics from ETHZ. He currently leads the Intelligent Energy Systems Team at SUPSI, where is also teaches the “Introduction to Smart Grid” course. His main competences are system identification, algorithmics, modeling and simulation. He is the coordinator at SUPSI for the SCCER FURIES. His team runs a number of pilot projects in the field of demand side management applied to smart grids.

Lorenzo Nespoli

Research Scientist
Lorenzo received the M.Sc. in Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2013. He works on multiphysics simulations and electric grid optimization at SUPSI. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the EPFL in Lausanne, where he is working on decentralized control algorithms and model-based forecasts for demand side management in the distribution grid, in the context of Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research - Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure SCCER FURIES.

Davide Strepparava

ICT & Blockchain
Davide is a researcher of the Intelligent Energy Systems Team at SUPSI. He received a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Politecnico di Milano. Before his academic activity, he worked for several years in building automation and access control industries. He has a notable experience in data science and database management and in the last two years he matured an accomplished experience in blockchain technology, especially focused on Ethereum platform and energy markets.

Federico Rosato

Research Scientist
Federico has an academic background in electric power production, holding a BSc and MSc in Energy Engineering, and after a period in industrial hydro and HVAC systems design he specialized in designing software simulation tools for smart grids. Currently a research assistant and PhD prospect, his most recent research activity is focused on the study of techno-economically sound autonomous smart grid agents and simulation of how such agents interact with power quality.

Zeno Trevisan

Full-stack Developer
Zeno holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Italian Switzerland. Having worked as a freelance developer and as a full stack developer for a multinational company, he has deep expertise in cross platform web development, with a focus on data visualisation and user experience. Zeno is transforming the very technical tools of Hive Power into user friendly solutions for the energy management, that can be used from a broad audience of utilities and prosumers.

Giulia Savorgnan

Data Scientist
Giulia holds a Ph.D from the Center for Astrophysics and Supercomputing of Swinburne University of Technology. In her thesis, she used advanced linear regression and multiparametric analysis methods to explore the co-evolution of galaxies and black holes. After her studies, she matured a solid experience in Data Science while working at different-sized companies in Australia. She has also freelanced for a few startups, helping them build bespoke analytics tools. She is a deep learning enthusiast, and has a genuine interest in renewable energy and decentralised systems.

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