Auditing of Hive Power crowdsale contracts

Hive Power crowdsale and HVT token smart contracts were audited by SmartDec. The results are published here, on the SmartDec blog.

We are glad to see that no critical issues were reported. A few medium severity issues were found. In the meantime all of them have been addressed, either by changing the code, or by justifying the design choices. Most the low severity issues have also been fixed. None of the remaining low severity issues affects safety.

In order to be as transparent and exhaustive as possible, in this post we discuss the design choices related to the medium severity issues identified by SmartDec in their report, which in our opinion need an additional explanation.

Discrepancies with the whitepaper and documentation

Point 3: we decided not to use an oracle to change the ETH/USD rate. Token price will be in fixed in Ether. Exchange rate will be set on Thursday 7th of June at 12:00 PM UTC. We will then deploy the contracts on the Ethereum mainnet.

Overpowered owner

In order to be fully-compliant with the new rules decided by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), the token will be transferable only when a MVP (minimum viable product) will be provided by Hive Power. Since we started Hive Power, we have always tried to address our project considering the Swiss directives.

Check of calls at the end of crowdsale

See Overpowered owner

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