Reimagining A Cryptocurrency Energy Economy with Hive Power

We’ve always claimed that our vision at Hive Power is to create a world that shares energy to ensure a better and brighter future. One of the ways we are doing just that, is by bringing solutions to a range of challenges being faced not just in the energy market, but also across blockchain technologies and projects. We thought we would take a moment to explore some of the key problems cryptocurrency energy initiatives are currently facing and how Hive Power is reimagining better ways forward.

Problem 1: The energy market needs to evolve towards a more sustainable, economic future.

As the energy market has begun to shift away from larger power plants to smaller decentralized sources, a major gap exists in the development of exchange models that can help keep energy usage sustainable, while also lowering prices for consumers.

The Hive Power Solution: While, the energy market is certainly facing an array of challenges, we created a turnkey solution utilizing Ethereum based smart contracts to mitigate the most pressing energy industry issues.   

We designed the Hive Token (HVT) to allow users to create and manage what we call “Hives”- distributed energy market platforms that can be implemented using Ethereum based smart contracts.  Just think, if you or your neighbor had an excess of energy, but, also had the ability to share this usable power with another individual in your community, it could strategically reduce costs for all involved, optimize the consumption and create a more sustainable model for future demands on the grid.  For those already looking to control their own energy future, registering for our ICO at might be your solution.

Problem 2: Lack of research and expertise across cryptocurrency teams and leadership  

Blockchain projects are often led by teams that may understand cryptocurrency, but have a very limited expertise in the business sector with which they intend to operate. This has left buyers, enthusiasts and users with a quickly dwindling value.  The failures of a large number of projects can often be attributed to a lack of research and expertise on all levels.

The Hive Power Team Difference: The team at Hive Power has always been proud to be a part of  the world’s most well regarded and sophisticated research institutions exploring the energy industry. In fact, our startup was incubated at SUPSI (The University of Applied Sciences and Applied Arts of Southern Switzerland) and developed based on deep knowledge and expertise earned over years of academic and corporate research. From our CEO’s career as asset manager for European solar parks to our COO Davide still leading the Energy systems research sector at SUPSI today, we maintain an in-depth knowledge of  the challenges we face and the solutions we can offer. A detailed guide to both can be found within our white-paper

Problem 3:  Conceptual projects lacking real-world business initiatives.

 A wide variety of cryptocurrency projects have dynamic sounding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing social and financial problems, but no real idea on how to achieve them, or the actual operational capability to see them through.

The Hive Power Way: Hive Power is more than a concept or just a sales pitch that has been coupled with a flashy white paper. We have developed our technology prototype and are already working with world-acclaimed partners who span the corporate, public and academic sectors. It is these strong relationships that have already helped to move our project from its idea phase, into being actionable. It’s not only that partners like Landis-Gyr, and the Swiss Government’s center for energy research believe in and support the work that we are doing,  but that they are actually hand-in-hand helping us to enter the market successfully. Have a great idea on who else we should partner with next? Bring it up on our telegram community and join the conversation.

Make sure to stay tuned for “Reimagining a Cryptocurrency Energy Economy Part 2”, where we will provide depth on the core technologies we are working, how they are being implemented and how we differentiate from our competitors.  

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